Friday, July 25, 2008

I am a Slacker

Hi all - sorry for the lack of garden photos as promised, there has been (GASP!!) rain and thunderstorms here all this week and we haven't gotten a chance to get out there and finish planting and take some pictures. Good news is all the "humidity" has made it easier for me to breathe, but lets face it, we still live in a desert. Also, the plants that are in the ground are doing very well, and the rose bushes Chris got for me are doing well with still being in their pots; hopefully the mere act of me taking them out of their pots and putting them in a hole in the ground will not cause them to die ; )

On a brighter note, we got the invitation for Chris' brother's wedding yesterday, and we are both super excited to be going home for that. I am meeting the other massage practitioner who does the same type of massage that I do next week for coffee and am really looking forward to meeting her. Work is going well for both of us, I have about three hours today with NOTHING to do while I am there, which will drive me bonkers, but maybe I can get some wedding planning done.

Pictures soon, I promise! Hope everyone has a happy weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

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