Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well, That Was Fun!

The wedding reception is done, and my job of playing the new bride is finally over. Chris and I enjoyed our time back east with friends and family. I am happy to be home, cleaning up the mess that became our house in the weeks before the trip, and settling back into the swing of normal life. It continues to amaze me how much of my time was taken up by the reception in the months leading up to it, and it was NOT like it was some big fancy affair with ice sculptures and 300 guests, but it was still a big undertaking.

I am continually stunned by what my garden is doing, and really will take pictures of it soon. We have squash, beans, tomatoes and herbs a plenty, and it is so amazing to me that I grew food! There is a plant out there called Squashzilla, and it is so amazing, it will get it's own post on here someday soon.

We are cleaning, clearing out and organizing the house because somewhere in the last year or so of being here, it has become about as cluttered as our gross Albany apartment and I can't stand it. part of the problem is my inability to stop buying craft supplies and Chris' lack of impulse control when it comes to buying hunting and fishing supplies. Well, at least I make things with the stuff I buy, he has yet to get anything while hunting or fishing in the time we have been here (I am smart enough to not bring up that argument to him, trust me! Hunting in Idaho is hard, you can't just hunt off your parents' back porch like he could in New York).

I also need to start spending some time to get my massage practice out here organized and say my office is a bit of a hot mess is a major understatement. I have had to start making decisions in the past few weeks about what I want my practice to be like out here and how much effort I want to put into it and what I expect to get out of it. I would like some things to change, and as they say, you gotta be the change you want to see in the world.

All of the reception pictures are up on Facebook and the wedding website. If you don't have the link to the site, let me know and I can email it to you. Here is my favorite one of the day,

Because if you can't dance on the picnic tables at your own wedding reception, where can you?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Didn't realize it has been over three months...sorry! Things have been hectic, I've been sick (I am getting better now, thank you) and this "wedding reception" planning has been such a pain in my arse that I could just about scream.

Oh well, I am trying to just be grateful for the fact that I have a wedding to celebrate, people who do care about me that will be there and that we can even just have the party. Its all about focusing on the positive, right? Well, it is from here on out.

The gnome still does not have an official name, but he does have a home outside and is covered in cobwebs (there are a lot of spiders in Idaho, and a lot of ants...really just a lot of bugs in general). I have found the camera, but now the batteries are low. This weekend I hope to get some pictures of the gnome and the garden which has exploded and is continuing to amaze me on a daily basis.

All in all, things are well here, we are getting ready for our trip back to New York and making plans for what we will do while we are there. I am very much looking forward to this weekend as there are a ton of projects I want to work on and things I need to do. On the list is a longer, better post with pictures, but for now, we all get to practice being grateful for what we have with this short picture-less post. See...I'm helping you evolve : )

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Everything I Had Hoped For and More

I went to the new Joann's store in town yesterday intending to only use the gift certificate I received from my mother for Christmas and my 20% off total purchase coupon to get some Pattons Classic Wool at a grand cost of about $3 a skein (for my non-knitting readers, it is normally around $7 a skein and I am making a blanket, therefore I need a LOT of it).

I walked out two hours and a full shopping cart later, and it wasn't just yarn that came home.


I did get a lot of picture frames so we can put some photos from the wedding and some nature shots from back east up on the walls. Everything that I bought was usable, except for the gnome.

Yes, I have fulfilled my life long dream of owning a gnome. I would put a picture of the new gnome (try saying THAT three times fast) but I can't find my camera anywhere. Suffice it to say, the gnome for my home is cute and he is holding flowers and Chris thinks he needs a Viking name. Not quite sure what Vikings and gnomes have in common, but apparently, in my husband's head, they go together like pork chops and applesauce.

Any one out there got a suggestion for a Viking gnome name, because I am pulling up blanks on this one??

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let There be Joy!

In the mail yesterday, I received the notice that the new SUPER JoAnn store is opening here in town in about a week.

I did not cry tears of joy, but I did literally scream - ask Chris if you see him, it is true.

Also, I have a 20% off my entire purchase coupon, and its valid from 5-8pm on three different days, so I don't even have to worry about getting up at the ass crack of dawn to go stand in line to do some crafty shopping (people out here are crazy about their crafting - a sale that would have only been mildly annoying in NY is made into something I can't deal with in Idaho since there are so many people at the store and lines so long I start to have a panic attack). Seriously, I went to the craft store for a sale once, and then left when I saw the line out the door stretched for almost a quarter mile.

I am so glad I didn't use the gift card my mom got me for Christmas yet. There is going to be some guilt free yarn procurement in massive quantities.

Oh, SUPER JoAnn, how I love and miss you...we will be reunited once again - you and me, bonded together in crafty goodness and joy.

Insert contented sigh here.....[sigh].......

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bust Out The Sharpies!

We got the place we wanted for the day we wanted....Mark your calendars with Sharpie please, because Chris and I will be celebrating our marriage with friends and family back East on August 1, 2009.

Whoo -hoo!

Of course, I still need to do a butt-load of picture uploading and make several changes and updates to the wedding website, but it shouldn't take me that long to do once I sit down and actually do it...sigh...perhaps that would have been a good endeavor to undertake whilst I was home on the couch for three days. Retrospect is great!

Hope you all had a good weekend. I have felt like crap and haven't really done anything for the last three days except for go to the eye doctor Saturday. I can't believe my vision continues to get worse, we are talking about over 25 years of continued annual vision decline here, I am practically blind! The bright side of the coin is that my vision insurance is great, and my new pair of glasses was the cheapest (and nicest) pair I think I have had since I have had to start paying for them myself. Of course, it takes more than twice as long for my glasses to come in as it does for Chris', but that's because little tiny magical elves have to make my lenses - super ultra-light poly-carbonate lenses, they are the shiznit!

Anyway, happy Monday and email me if things aren't working right around here since the template change. There are a few more changes I want to make, so keep an eye out for 'em. I am now starting to label my posts, so there is a new change right there....not sure how that will show up in the blog though, so I'll have to check back tonight and make any necessary corrections. Peace!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Few Minor Changes

Just tweaking things a bit around here. I decided the old layout was pretty boring. More changes are probably on their way, so stay tuned! Let me know if any of the links don't work or if you have any problems navigating around.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Want a Garden!

For starters, lets get the fact that I stayed up waaaaayyy too late last night out of the way. We don't watch much TV, but last night there were three shows on that we liked (four if you count that Chris insists on watching Glenn Beck every frickin' day), and by the time we were done watching them all (from the DVR box so we didn't even have to worry about commercials) it was almost 11:30...Well, we did go grocery shopping and by the time we got home, it was almost 7:30....

Moving on.

I want a garden. I want one real bad. It already seems like winter is completely over and Spring has started. I have bulbs coming up in the front yard. My rosebushes have new leaves on them, the creeping plants I put on the side of the house have started to flourish and spread out with new leaves.

I found this nice article that talks about planting a Victory garden for our times, and I just have the urge to get out there and make my garden happen. Like I want to stay home from work today and weed and till and plant stuff (I think it is probably still too early to actually plant anything, but you get my idea). I want dirty fingernails and hoes and rakes and shovels and stuff. I want to go to the garden center and get a bunch of veggie plants and some fruit bushes and just start my own farmer's market on the cul de sac.

I would also like chickens, but both Chris and our neighborhood association say I can't.

Bottom line is apparently this is what "Spring Fever" is when you are old.

I am old, and I am okay with it.

Also, if anyone in the Boise area wants some zucchini in a few months, let me know : )