Monday, November 24, 2008

When Kendall Met Ursa

Aw, don't they look cute??!! Before you all get your panties knotted up, this is not an actual photo of Kendall meeting Ursa, although I see how you could be confused. Lets just say their first meeting involved a lot more unintentional nervous pooping, face biting, whining and a dog sleeping on my head...long story!

No this is my future sister in law PJ's pup HarleeAnne (the Ursa lookalike) meeting her cousin Kerri's baby Boston Terrier Hank. I emailed the picture to Chris at work to show him 1) how cute these puppies are ,2) how much they look like Kendall and Ursa, and 3) to try and get myself a new puppy (I was promised a new dog both for getting a house and moving to Idaho, so far I got nothin'!).

His response, and those of you who know him may be guessing at what I will say, was "Wow, thats a really sexy Geo Tracker in the backgound!"

Sigh...this is what I'm workin' with. For those of you who don't know Chris, he got the Tracker from one of his friends in NY for $1, it came with lots of cute accessories, including a mirrored set of tops, a white set of tops, and a whole lot of pennies and electronic junk in the car, lol! When he got the job in Idaho, he decided not to take the Tracker out here because he thought, rite fully so, that it probably wouldn't make it. The Tracker is now in the capable hands of PJ and Mikey (his brother), but he still misses it. And apparently thinks is is "sexy."

Have a good day everyone, and remember, cute puppies grow into dogs which, may get even cuter!

Look! No face biting or nervous pooping...see how far they have come!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Words

This is the place I have been moved to, and that's all I have to say.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Monday, November 17, 2008

With The Holidays Coming And All

I woke up in bed yesterday and asked Chris if it could be Christmas time yet. He grumpily said "no!" and rolled over and farted on me. We are very classy in this house!

What I took away form this encounter, besides the fact that I am marrying a Scrooge (he admits he isn't a huge fan of the holidays, but the excuse has always been because he doesn't like the shopping or the commercialism associated with the season - I have taken care of those two things for him, not sure what his problem is now), is that since I am up to my elbows in Christmas craft projects for our nearest and dearest, I feel the need for it to be Christmas time NOW! Like break out the tree, the tinsel and the nog, I want to get this party started! Sigh...if we were back in Albany, I already know there is a radio station playing Christmas music 24-7.

Anyway, the reason I am posting about this now is that one of my favorite knit blogs Mason-Dixon knitting created a Hee-larry-i-ous You Tube video that you simply must click on and turn up the volume!!(as a side note many of the presents I am making y'all come from their new book!). So if you see me knitting something this holiday season, don't just assume it is for you ; )

Happy Monday Folks, and Merry Christmas crafting to all, and to all a good day at your crappy job, oh wait, is that just me????

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh Wait...I Have a Blog??!!

Did you guys miss me, lol?? Sorry for the radio silence, I didn't realize it has been over a month. Chris' parents were here visiting, and then I just got out of the habit of posting. Add to that my work schedule has changed and I need to be there at 6:45 am (yeah, thats not a typo!) and you get a whole lot of me being too sleepy/busy to blog and NOT posting.

Things our here in Idaho are good. I have stopped answering the question "So how do you like it in Idaho?" with a pause and the reply "Um...Its different," and have started saying "Its nice!" I am making the effort ; )

Sunday marked six months since we got here, can you believe its been that long?? Also, speaking of that long, (get ready for some vomit inducing cute-couple-ness) today is our semiversary which is the name we have given to our half year anniversary...eighteen months ago today, I was sitting at Lynne's Uptown tavern in Albany, NY, three apple martinis deep, waiting for someone who was described to me at 6'4" and "huge" to walk in. Chris came in and the first thing I said was "Wow, he's really cute - what's wrong with him, why is he single??" LOL!!! Its been all uphill from there.

There has been lots of crafting going on here, there will be all sorts of crafty pictures and goodness once I know everyone has received their Christmas presents. This whole living in Idaho thing is kind of a pain in the arse since my Christmas present crafting timeline has been pushed from ending December 25th to December 1st to allow for shipping time and what not. Oh well, for the first time that I can remember, I wont spend all December crafting instead of enjoying the season. But, I can tell you, I sure as fudge am looking forward to the four day Thanksgiving weekend - break out the knitting needles and the sewing machine, its going to be a looooong weekend! Oh, and lest you worry there will be post Christmas craft letdown, the list of DIY wedding crafts grows by the week - I'll be busy until at least April, lol! Anyone want to tell my why making 120 handmade paper invitations is good idea - I think I might have forgotten the reason....

Anyway, have a great day everyone, and I promise it wont be another month until I post!