Friday, July 25, 2008

I am a Slacker

Hi all - sorry for the lack of garden photos as promised, there has been (GASP!!) rain and thunderstorms here all this week and we haven't gotten a chance to get out there and finish planting and take some pictures. Good news is all the "humidity" has made it easier for me to breathe, but lets face it, we still live in a desert. Also, the plants that are in the ground are doing very well, and the rose bushes Chris got for me are doing well with still being in their pots; hopefully the mere act of me taking them out of their pots and putting them in a hole in the ground will not cause them to die ; )

On a brighter note, we got the invitation for Chris' brother's wedding yesterday, and we are both super excited to be going home for that. I am meeting the other massage practitioner who does the same type of massage that I do next week for coffee and am really looking forward to meeting her. Work is going well for both of us, I have about three hours today with NOTHING to do while I am there, which will drive me bonkers, but maybe I can get some wedding planning done.

Pictures soon, I promise! Hope everyone has a happy weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The House is Finally Clean!

So you get to see pictures!! Here is a view of the living room. Chris is hiding on the couch (you can kind of see him in his orange shirt lying there).
A nice view of the kitchen and our little "nook" area. I had so much trouble figuring out what to put in there, but it seems to have come out okay, it is my grandmother's sewing machine and we have turned it into a mail sorting desk - you can see our paper shredder underneath and the giant stack of mail Chris still needs to go through from last week, lol. There is no picture of the dining room so to speak because it is the same small table we had in Albany that hasn't been painted and clashed terribly with everything in the house. Getting that table painted is on my to do list for this week.
And here is a picture of the whole great room if you are standing in front of the fireplace - the couch was left out because Chris was on laying on it and, as previously stated, he did not want to be part of the picture taking fun. BUT you can clearly see what my latest knitting project is since I left it on the coffee table.
Here is the guest/hall bath.
And this is the guest bedroom.
And here is my craft room/office with my super comfy knitting chair.
This is our bedroom, view from the right as you walk in the door,
And this is the view as you are lying on the bed, to the left is the giant blue chair from Albany (thanks Dan!), the closed door is to the closet and the open door is for the bathroom

As you can see, we don't care about having towels that match each other or the bathroom, lol.

Hope you had as fun a weekend as we did. Tomorrow, there will be pictures to show you all the gardening we have been doing. Here is a bit of a teaser: it involves roses!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Its Official...

...I can no longer use my New York license plates as an excuse to drive like a New Yorker, because I now have both an Idaho state driver's license and Idaho plates (same goes for Chris). I guess we are now potato heads for sure. The lady at DMV said we should/could now be called Idahoans, but that just sounds dirty to me.

Sorry there still aren't pictures of the house up on here. I really haven't been feeling that great (stupid plants in Idaho and their stupid pollen) so I pretty much collapse when I get home from work every night, and by the time Chris gets home and makes us dinner, it is usually at least 8 and I'm kind of ready for bed (or already sleeping on the couch). Also, I would like the house to be clean when the pictures are taken, and um, yeah....same reason I haven't been able to take the pictures also keeps me from having the energy to clean the house so I can take the pictures. I have even been too tired to knit, so you know its bad, lol. Its really all just a vicious circle of pollen based sleepiness.

On a more awake note, you'll never guess what I have at work - an intern. Yup, I've been there all of three weeks and I have some poor woman following me around learning from me, how funny is that? She is super nice and I like her a lot, and it is going very well for both of us. Speaking of work, kinda gotta go there now, to um, you know, work, lol. Maybe pictures of the house tonight if I get done work a little early (which I should). Until then......

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday LIttle Brother!

Today, this handsome little man turns TEN YEARS OLD!!! Double digits baby! This is the first year I haven't been able to be there for his birthday, and I feel pretty bad about it. But I did get him what he has been asking me for as a present for months (!!!), so I don't feel quite so happy birthday little brother and be good, your present will be there soon. I love you!

And yes, those are underwear on his head.

My mother's birthday was yesterday. The reason I didn't post a happy birthday blog salute to her was because the only pictures I could find were of her holding a beer or in a pool riding a little kids float (you know what I am talking about Mom - also, it isn't that those are the only things she does, its just those are the only digital pictures I have of her), and I figured she probably wouldn't appreciate that very much. So happy belated birthday to you too mom, love you guys!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Boise Stinks!!

Well, not really, we both still love it here, but I have some allergies going on that are making me pretty miserable if Chris does say so himself ; )

We have been busy this past week. We went to fireworks for the 4th of July at a park downtown, and while the display itself was pretty nice (they had it set to music, with the exception of one Rascal Flats song, Chris thoroughly enjoyed it too), their "finale" lasted about 15 seconds, and wasn't even really what you would consider a fireworks finale in New York. When we got home our neighbors who share the driveway were setting off their own fireworks in the cul de sac (and our driveway) so at least we got to listen to that until 1am.

Saturday and Sunday, we just kind of lazed around the house. Ursa tried to kill Kendall by digging a giant hole in the yard, chewing through one of our irrigation piped, and then waiting for the hole to fill with water. The little dog is cute but not smart, so its a good thing Chris found the hole when he did. He was pretty mad, but it only ended up costing $4 at Lowe's to get the stuff we needed for a repair.

This week, we have both working and having fun with that, lol. My new job is going great, I am pretty much done with training for now and know how to do almost everything by myself, which is a super nice feeling...AND I got my first paycheck which was a really nice feeling! Chris had kind of a rough week at work - there was a template he was trying to make that wouldn't come out the way they needed it to, and it turns out someone had mislabeled a box and he was trying to make the template out of the wrong material. All I know is his phone rang at various hours of the morning usually reserved for sleeping, and I felt bad for him (he never did have to actually go in to work though, which was good).

The house is great, and we get the new living room furniture this weekend (pictures of house to follow). Speaking of houses, big shout out to Chris' brother Mike and his lovely lady PJ for buying their first house on Monday - wish we could have been there to help you move!

And speaking of happy news, we have decided for a host of reasons that our wedding will be in March of 2009 in Las Vegas, with at least one reception to follow next summer in New York. Now that everyone who needs to know does know and we are sure our families and Matron of Honor and Best Man can go, I feel free announcing it to the world. Obviously we aren't "eloping" in the traditional sense of the word, we are just opting for a smaller wedding at a fun destination. So that is my exciting news for this week - thanks to one of my friends from my former NY job, I have a hot tip about a wedding chapel that has a monkey who faints when you take his picture with flash photography, and I have to go investigate that venue, lol! Have a great day everyone!