Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Conversation. Perspective. Discuss....

Whilst working today, I was privy to the following conversation:

Office worker 1: Have you seen Rent? Its a movie about people with AIDS in the 60's?
Office worker 2: No, but I hear it's really good.

There are no words that I could even use to respond.

Also whilst working, I came across this story on MSNBC, it kind of put things in perspective for me in a nice way, and made me smile, thought you might enjoy it too.

Things in Boise are well. We had a good weekend and I got to see some sheep and some hippies. The sheep smelled better, the hippies over-did it with the patchouli, but I got to meet some of the local midwives and gave them some information on my massage business. I haven't done any massage since we got out here, and I think it is contributing to my general crankiness as of late. Chris has been having motorcycle battery problems, so we have been sharing the car the past few days, its kinda nice being chauffeured to work, lol. We have started going to the gym together at night, and (drum roll please...) I rode 12.6 miles on the bike yesterday!! The holiday crafting has begun in earnest, and I am having a blast (talk to me again in the first week of December and ask me how I am doing then). The house is reasonably clean, and the garden is doing well (we now have a pepper AND a squash), all in all, things are good in the City of Trees. Hope things with you are as good wherever you all are (I saw that someone from Australia and Canada were reading the blog, apparently I am international now!), until next time....

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Anonymous said...

hello!!! its me from the mountains~~~I myself have seen the movie of RENT as well as the play. It is beyong words the most moving play I have ever seen. The movie was awful and they could not portray or even come close to show how truly emotional the play was... I saw it with my good friend who is a homosexual and unfortunetly has now become diagnosed with the teribble disease...I just thought I could add my 2 cents, to bad its no longer in theatre.. and i strongly recommend.... my personal fav of all time~ AIDA~