Thursday, January 29, 2009

Does This Picture Give it Away??

If you guessed Chris and I went to Las Vegas and eloped, give yourself a gold star!!

And, if you guessed that the super secret knitting project was my WEDDING DRESS, double gold stars for you my friend!

This picture is of us at the Bellagio in front of their water fountains, but we actually got married at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. It was short and cute (just like me!) and we had a great time. More details to follow, but it has been a super hectic few weeks around here with lots of exciting developments (one of which is not that I am pregnant, just in case anyone was wondering). Also, I only took two days off work to go do this whole wedding thing and , lets say re-entry into normal life has not been super easy on me.

I plan to get detailed shots of the dress up to the blog and the wedding website as soon as I can, but it probably wont be until this weekend. Hope none of you are too shocked - so far everyone has taken it well and that makes us eternally happy.

That's it for now, hope you are having a lovely week, and wait until you hear the story about the dress. It definitely means the capital "K" in my new last name stands for Knitter (with a capital "K")!

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Anonymous said...

YEAY!! i had a feeling the knitting was for the dress!! congrats!! you two look super cute!!