Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Want a Garden!

For starters, lets get the fact that I stayed up waaaaayyy too late last night out of the way. We don't watch much TV, but last night there were three shows on that we liked (four if you count that Chris insists on watching Glenn Beck every frickin' day), and by the time we were done watching them all (from the DVR box so we didn't even have to worry about commercials) it was almost 11:30...Well, we did go grocery shopping and by the time we got home, it was almost 7:30....

Moving on.

I want a garden. I want one real bad. It already seems like winter is completely over and Spring has started. I have bulbs coming up in the front yard. My rosebushes have new leaves on them, the creeping plants I put on the side of the house have started to flourish and spread out with new leaves.

I found this nice article that talks about planting a Victory garden for our times, and I just have the urge to get out there and make my garden happen. Like I want to stay home from work today and weed and till and plant stuff (I think it is probably still too early to actually plant anything, but you get my idea). I want dirty fingernails and hoes and rakes and shovels and stuff. I want to go to the garden center and get a bunch of veggie plants and some fruit bushes and just start my own farmer's market on the cul de sac.

I would also like chickens, but both Chris and our neighborhood association say I can't.

Bottom line is apparently this is what "Spring Fever" is when you are old.

I am old, and I am okay with it.

Also, if anyone in the Boise area wants some zucchini in a few months, let me know : )

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Cari said...

No chickens? Clearly you need to move.

Looking forward to the garden photos in a couple months.