Thursday, June 25, 2009


Didn't realize it has been over three months...sorry! Things have been hectic, I've been sick (I am getting better now, thank you) and this "wedding reception" planning has been such a pain in my arse that I could just about scream.

Oh well, I am trying to just be grateful for the fact that I have a wedding to celebrate, people who do care about me that will be there and that we can even just have the party. Its all about focusing on the positive, right? Well, it is from here on out.

The gnome still does not have an official name, but he does have a home outside and is covered in cobwebs (there are a lot of spiders in Idaho, and a lot of ants...really just a lot of bugs in general). I have found the camera, but now the batteries are low. This weekend I hope to get some pictures of the gnome and the garden which has exploded and is continuing to amaze me on a daily basis.

All in all, things are well here, we are getting ready for our trip back to New York and making plans for what we will do while we are there. I am very much looking forward to this weekend as there are a ton of projects I want to work on and things I need to do. On the list is a longer, better post with pictures, but for now, we all get to practice being grateful for what we have with this short picture-less post. See...I'm helping you evolve : )

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Heidi said...

psssst.... I have info for the fair if you wanted to enter your wedding dress.... the deadline for western Idaho fair is the 17-18 Aug..