Thursday, May 1, 2008

Unemployed, Un-insured and Homeless

Greetings - Chris and I have begun our trip to Boise. All our stuff is packed and on a truck heading to our new storage unit, and today is our first day where we are both officially unemployed, homeless and un-insured. Cheers to us!

Today we went hiking with the dogs and had a big bonfire and decided to start a new blog - Whoo hoo! We figured with all the moving, new jobs, wedding plans and what not, it would be easier to have a central place to point people to for updates rather than having to email everyone (and this way if you don't care about what is going on with us, you don't need to stop by, lol).

Not sure how internet access is going to be while we are traveling, but I will do my best to keep the posts current. Feel free to leave a comment or not. Hoping you are well and here is a gratiutious doggy shot because, well, why not?

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