Monday, May 12, 2008

We're Here!

We made it safe and sound and without even fighting! Besides a little scuffle between Kendall and Ursa as we were leaving Middleburgh, it was smooth sailing (except for the food poisoning, but more on that later!).

I decided the easiest way to get all the pictures up and tell the whole huge story is to break it up into pieces. Today, I'll post the pictures of our cute little apartment, and then in the next few days I'll get all the vacation shots up.

Boise is great, Chris wasn't lying, lol. Everyone is super friendly and nice and we both really like it here. The mountains are literally our backyard and the views are amazing. We spent most of the weekend driving around town trying to figure out where everything is and looking at houses, but we will be taking the dogs for some hikes so we can take some pictures and show you all how beautifl it is out here.

But first, how about a tour of our new apartment???

This is the view as you walk in the front door:

The kitchen is off to the left and the laundry room (!!!!!!!) is immediately to the left with a door by the fridge (which didn't make it into the picture either, but is right next to the microwave). Chris is very happy with the quantity of counter tops, not so much with the quality of the knives they had here, but don't worry....we went Saturday and he got a new pan and knife : )

To the right, there is the dining and living rooms. We have a little patio outside the sliding glass doors. We are thinking about getting some plants and starting a container garden next weekend...I need to see how much sun the porch gets during the day so we know what types of plants to get. Chris wants to plant heirloom tomatoes and some herbs, I would like some pretty flowers and strawberries...we'll see...

And yes, that couch is as comfy as Kendall makes it looks and is SUCH an improvement over the last "couch" we had. For those of you who have as "fond" memories of that couch as I do, please be advised that the majority of the couch is now in the Albany City dump, but, believe it or not, the night we put it on the curb for the garbage people to take away, someone actually took part of it home...what is wrong with people???

Anyway, back to the nice new apartment. Down the hall, to the left is Chris' bathroom,

which does have a bathtub and shower also. I was standing out in the hall while I was taking the picture so that you couldn't see me in the mirror.

To the right across from the bathroom is the spare room. Ursa thinks it is her bedroom and is happily modeling her particualr brand of cute for all of you.

At the end of the hall, is our bedroom (view from the door):

and view from the bed:

Where I stood to take that picture is about where our bathroom is, and it is HUGE!

Its just a walk-in shower stall, but it's the size of a bathtub. Kinda weird, but whatever!

Well, thats it for the apartment. Its a really nice apartment community, the dogs are still barking at everyone they see, but we have hope that will stop soon (let me live in my delusion please). We are less than 1/4 mile away from a shopping center that has everything we need for pretty much everything. For the most part, we are settled in here and have everything we need to make it feel like home.

For tomorrow - pictures of the trip!

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