Monday, November 17, 2008

With The Holidays Coming And All

I woke up in bed yesterday and asked Chris if it could be Christmas time yet. He grumpily said "no!" and rolled over and farted on me. We are very classy in this house!

What I took away form this encounter, besides the fact that I am marrying a Scrooge (he admits he isn't a huge fan of the holidays, but the excuse has always been because he doesn't like the shopping or the commercialism associated with the season - I have taken care of those two things for him, not sure what his problem is now), is that since I am up to my elbows in Christmas craft projects for our nearest and dearest, I feel the need for it to be Christmas time NOW! Like break out the tree, the tinsel and the nog, I want to get this party started! Sigh...if we were back in Albany, I already know there is a radio station playing Christmas music 24-7.

Anyway, the reason I am posting about this now is that one of my favorite knit blogs Mason-Dixon knitting created a Hee-larry-i-ous You Tube video that you simply must click on and turn up the volume!!(as a side note many of the presents I am making y'all come from their new book!). So if you see me knitting something this holiday season, don't just assume it is for you ; )

Happy Monday Folks, and Merry Christmas crafting to all, and to all a good day at your crappy job, oh wait, is that just me????


Anonymous said...

its mav!
did you think youd live to see the day that i told you that i too, am up to my chin in SEWING!!
yes, ive begun quilting. i started with a (for some reason rather large) baby quilt. i just finished my 2nd and am starting on my 3rd, dont worry i took tons of pics that i keep meaning to email you.
hope your doing awesome! also my cousin is getting married on may 23rd and i was told that im obligated to be there...yea. pissed is an understatement.

Anonymous said...

It' s your internet pen pal!! I have to say I agree with you. even though this christmas will not be the same and its the 1st year i can not spend it with my family.. :0( i am eager to get the decorations up and the christmas music going... by the way yes mikey and i wake up to xmas music every morning!!! and go to sleep thinking of sugar plums - and fairies!!!missing you!!! P.J