Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About #9....

You didn't really think I would be back here to blog on Christmas day, did you?? LOL

How about a picture of the tree and roaring fireplace??

I was so excited to have a mantle this year, but we never did get around to hanging our stockings off it. The tree you see is my tiny little 4 1/2 footer that was a Blue Light Special at K-Mart a zillion years ago when I lived by myself. I find it works well with the dogs and also we decided not to spend money on Christmas decorations this year. It looked cute and worked well and it made us both happy.

Christmas morning, I made cinnamon rolls that were beyond fantastic. How was I able to control the present opening and giving urges long enough to make cinnamon rolls - well, we opened our presents Christmas Eve, of course!

I did not receive a sheep or a puppy, but Chris did get me the next best thing!!

Yeah, there was some screaming involved.

Actually, the box had the spinning wheel manufacturer's name all over it, so as soon as I tore off the first piece of paper, I knew. He is such a good present buyer, and has been getting me progressively deeper into the yarn-y arts since last Christmas. He got me a ball winder and a 16" size 7 knitting needle (Perfect for knitting hats, and even better because the reason he got it was because he remembered me looking for one a few weeks before Christmas last year). For Valentine's Day, he gifted me with a swift. I joked with him that now he has procured me all of these things and the spinning wheel, the only thing he can get me for the next holiday is a sheep. Although, after I said that, I realized there is still the option of a loom....hahahaha!

Not that it is all about me. Chris loved his presents too. I got Ursa DNA tested to find out what breed of dog she is. It was not an IQ test, so she passed, but we did find out that she is mostly Siberian Husky, with just a smidge of West Highland Terrier and Borzoi (scroll down on the end of the Borzoi page and then tell me if anything looks familiar to this picture). Surprisingly, no German Shepherd in the mix.

Ursa - your Borzoi is showing!

Hoping you had as lovely a holiday as we did. I'll be posting about all the crafty stuff I did for everyone over the next week. And thank you to those of you who have emailed me, especially the members of Chris' family. It is so nice knowing that you are reading the blog and keeping up with all the varried goings on in Boise, Idaho. We keep it pretty exciting over here, what with the knitting, spinning and dog wrangling ; ) Gotta keep the readership up, 'ya know??!!

Have a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve tomorrow everyone!

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