Monday, December 22, 2008

Hows About a List??

1. The new job is GREAT!! I love it in ways I can't even describe. Details to follow.

2. Christmas presents are all purchased, finished, wrapped and shipped (with the exception of one gift for Chris). I have even finished shopping for Chris' birthday. All of this makes me happy, and I love the way the tree looks with all the presents underneath it.

3. I can't wait to open my presents (and give Chris his) because apparently I am still a three year old. For some reason he doesn't want to believe that in my family we really do open our presents on Christmas Eve, sigh.....

4. Also, I am not getting a puppy or a sheep (I have been told these things but kinda refuse to believe them. Its Christmas man! Anything is possible. Keep hope alive.).

5. When it snows in Boise, everyone thinks they are going to die and drive similarly. Details to follow on this one also.

6. One Christmas party down, one to go.

7. I am making four types of cookies and chex mix tonight. I'll let you know how that all turns out tomorrow...

8. Wedding plans. On hold. Again. Hitting head against wall with nails sticking out of it. Don't want to talk about it. Don't ask about it.

9. I am out of ideas and need to get in the shower. Happy Monday and Merry Christmas if you don't get a chance to pop back before then. Full Christmas disclosure to be made on 12/25 in the afternoon for our friends and family, and really, anyone else who wants to read the blog. There might even be pictures!!!

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