Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How Does June 6th Sound For a Party??

Please mark your calenders with pencil (cough, ahem, throat clearing) not pen (seeing as the date has changed about eleventy billion times), because my handsome boy and I may have actually set a date. Details to follow. I have my future MIL (Mother in law - Hi Celia!!) looking at the location site sometime this week, and hopefully a final decision will be made later this week or over the weekend. Sigh...we've only been engaged since April, about time we had a date, don't ya think?? lol!

At any rate, we'll get it figured out and there will be minimal details posted to the blog about it, but as always full wedding disclosure is at the wedding website (email me if you don't have the link). We promise it will not be a fancy pants sort of affair, although pants are required (they just don't have to be super fancy), shirts and shoes will also be appreciated. It will be in the general location we were thinking of, although not at Chris' parent's house and we will be reserving blocks of rooms at least two different hotels for the weekend.

While I realize this is in deed exciting news, it is still not the news I was speaking of earlier this week. That news will have to remain secret for just a bit longer while we get some things figured out - again, I reiterate that I know this all makes it sound like I am "con bebe" but that is not the case - as soon as I hear, you will all be told, the mountains will be shouted to and all will be well in Boise. Until then, keep you eyes on the prize and have a great day.

Oh, and clear your calenders for 6-6-9, cause you might get to party with these cool kids!!

This picture was taken at Chris' brother's wedding in September, after a lot of Jim Beam and some impromptu moonwalking. Notice the plastic fedora and the manner in which he is absolutely rockin' it out, my boy has some style, I tell you what!

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