Friday, December 12, 2008

Wish Me Luck

For reasons you can probably imagine if you think hard and read back through my most recent posts, I must go pee in a cup this morning before I get final confirmation to tell you all my **big** surprise. Wish me luck that I pass the test ; )

Again, I realize this post makes me sound all preggers and what not, but they are checking for drugs, not babies, in my system.

Looks like Santa is bringing me what I wanted most for Christmas (besides a spinning wheel and a new puppy, but I have given up hope on both for this year)! Also on the Christmas front, packages will be in the mail Monday courtesy of Christopher since he still does not have his Jeep up and running and we are still carpooling every day with him dropping me off and picking me back up. What a shame I wont be the one waiting in the line at the post office Monday, teeheehee. It almost makes the last month and a half of not really having my own car worth it. Also, ironic: we weren't carpooling when gas was $4.40 a gallon, but now that it is down to $1.43 here (yes, you read that right!) we are.

Have a delightful weekend, Mine will be filled with putting the finishing touches on presents, packing up some boxes and making cards. We also have Chris' work Christmas party tomorrow, and that is really going to cut into the crafty time, BUT it will be nice to get out of the house and be around fun people. The sacrifices we make, lol! See you soon....

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