Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let There be Joy!

In the mail yesterday, I received the notice that the new SUPER JoAnn store is opening here in town in about a week.

I did not cry tears of joy, but I did literally scream - ask Chris if you see him, it is true.

Also, I have a 20% off my entire purchase coupon, and its valid from 5-8pm on three different days, so I don't even have to worry about getting up at the ass crack of dawn to go stand in line to do some crafty shopping (people out here are crazy about their crafting - a sale that would have only been mildly annoying in NY is made into something I can't deal with in Idaho since there are so many people at the store and lines so long I start to have a panic attack). Seriously, I went to the craft store for a sale once, and then left when I saw the line out the door stretched for almost a quarter mile.

I am so glad I didn't use the gift card my mom got me for Christmas yet. There is going to be some guilt free yarn procurement in massive quantities.

Oh, SUPER JoAnn, how I love and miss you...we will be reunited once again - you and me, bonded together in crafty goodness and joy.

Insert contented sigh here.....[sigh].......

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