Tuesday, June 17, 2008

30 Ain't So Bad

Well, I turned thirty, not twenty nine again as I had been previously promising everyone. It wasn't so bad. I got a Slurpee and went to the pool in the afternoon. Chris got done work a little late, but then we went to dinner. I had Elk Chili and it was fantastic. We also had this dessert that was an almond toffee shell filled with fresh strawberries and ice cream with strawberry and white chocolate sauce and home made whipped creme....yum! And the best thing was that my wonderful fiance got me yarn spinning lessons for my birthday!

Saturday, we went to Nampa, Idaho which is about 20 miles from Boise. It is a cute little town with a nice downtown area which they use for a Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. Not much there, but it was fun to walk around. I went to the two yarn shops in the town, Puffy Mondaes (which is my new favorite yarn shop...if I can't be at Trumpet Hill, it is the next best thing) and Ewephoria (best name for a yarn shop I think I've ever heard, but I didn't see any yarn there that I liked). We had lunch at this great Italian deli, we both had very tasty subs! Then it was off to look at furniture and go to the pool.

Sunday, we went for a motorcycle ride and then to the pool again. We also got some bad news about one of Chris' friends being in a car accident, but the blog is not really the place to talk about it.

Yesterday, I gave blood and then spent the rest of the day feeling like I was looped on drugs because of it. I went to the Fred Meyer store near the new house to get groceries, and then Chris and I went to buy a new bed and living room set. We got a great deal on them and I can't wait to sleep on the new bed. It is a king size, so I won't get clocked in the head anymore during the middle of the night as Chris rolls over.

Today, I need to call to get some stuff scheduled for the house - locks changed, carpets cleaned, cable turned on and air conditioning/heating serviced. Closing is on Thursday afternoon, so we get the keys on Friday! Probably not going to be moving in until we get a refrigerator which we are going to look for on Craigslist. Lets just say we have a lot of yard work to do this weekend and fence mending to do. I might be a little absent for the next week or so, nothing personal. But just think, the next post might be pictures of what the house looks like with all our stuff in it, or maybe me rolling around nekkid' in my yarn....till then!

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