Friday, June 20, 2008

This One is for The Cute Guy Who Bought Me a House Last Night

"I'm an otter, I lay on my back and do cute little human things with my hands."

Sorry for the private joke. This is something Chris and I were talking about last night. The cartoon is from a great comic artist called Natalie Dee - if you have some free time, you should go check out her site...super fun! The words are from a comedy show that Dennis Leary did that Chris quotes all the time (he did it last night as a matter of fact). I'll have to ask him tonight if there is a YouTube video of it so you guys can see. Its all about different animals and seeing if they should be saved from being hunted/killed/eaten. An otter, since it does cute little human things with it's hands, should be saved and protected. A cow on the other hand, should get in the slaughter truck because it is just a baseball glove, waiting to be made. It sounds much funnier when Chris says it, and I am sure it is even funnier when Dennis Leary says it, because Dennis Leary is way funnier than my fiance ;)

The closing was yesterday, and it went great. It only took thirty minutes. In Idaho, you don't need a lawyer, maybe that is why it was so much faster (ha, ha Nicole and office staff of Albany, NY law firm that shall not be named, lol!). Just kidding, but seriously, the closing was quick and you don't need a lawyer in Idaho.

I am just waiting for the real estate agent to call to tell us the deed was filed with the clerk's office so I can get the key and start weeding! This will be the first (of many to come!) weekends of home improvement projects because, who just bought a house?????

These Kids Right Here!

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and if anyone wants to come to Idaho to pull some weeds, give me a call!

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