Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guess What I Got!!!

I have a job!!! I start in two weeks as a receptionist at a local Orthopedic practice in downtown Boise. The pay is a little less than I was making in Albany at BCBS, but they pay for my benefits entirely so it works out.

It also works out because the closing on the house is next Friday! After that, we are going to get the carpets cleaned over the weekend or on that Monday, then the movers are coming Tuesday to bring us back all our stuff! Hallelujah! We will take that weekend to do goofy little fix ups around the house and start the gardening. I'll have all day Wednesday to get things put away and organized, and then its off to work for me!

Thanks for you comments from yesterday - you guys rock! As a way to say thanks, here is a cute doggy picture, just because!

"I'm Ursa, and I'm pretty!"

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