Friday, June 27, 2008

All is Well

My first day at the new jobby-job went VERY well...I met a lot of really nice girls that I will be working with, and all of the Doctor's I met were pretty nice too. It seems kind of easy as far as what my job duties will be, and they said they are going to cross train me right off the start so I can do all the front end duties no matter which office I am in...sounds like the beginning of something loverly.

The move went well. The house needed a lot of cleaning/servicing of the major things (heating, air conditioning, all the ducts, the carpets), but we got that all done, the cable/Internet turned on (obviously!) and we went last night to get a new TV (you should have seen the twinkle in Chris' eyes - super cute!). The TV and the new living room furniture will get delivered some time next week, and then I think we are all set with everything we really need for the house.

With the exception of our books and DVDs, everything is unpacked (we have no place to put them yet, don't worry, I went through and separated all the important books from the rest for easy access). All the rooms are pretty much set up except for my office, and the linen closet needs some work. Still need to figure out a landscaping design for the yard, but we need to wait a while on that. Other than that, we are pretty much set - might need to get some bookcases and bar stools, but those can wait too.

The house is great, it looks even better with our stuff in it, and the dogs seem to like it which is very important ya know! Well, I have to go get in the shower...the thing about having a job is I guess they expect you to be there on time and not smelling like yesterday when you get there...its been so long since I had a job, I almost forgot ; )

Sorry for putting this at the end, but my phone number has changed. For obvious reasons I am not putting it on the blog for the world to see, I wont be able to call everyone today, so if it is an emergency, call Chris' phone and I am going to try and get an email out to as many of you as I can. I'll be calling everyone tonight and tomorrow with the new number.

Now, how about a tragically ironic tale of mystery to top off your Friday. This is the first bag of potatoes we purchased when we moved here (the only bag of potatoes at the store, mind you)...notice anything funny about it???? Did I mention we live in IDAHO??!! Have a great weekend everybody!

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Anonymous said...

i told you that there are like NO potatoes in idaho, mostly corn fields and cattle never listen to me!!