Monday, June 30, 2008

Why Sprint Is Bad

Sorry I didn't actually call all of you I promised to over the weekend, my phone is all goofed up. The phone number I was given by Sprint for Idaho is in the same area code as Boise, but apparently the entire state of Idaho only has ONE area code, so the phone number they gave me is for a city five hours away from Boise, and that wont be cool when I get my massage business started. Add to that the first time activating the new phone didn't work, and I couldn't use it for most of the weekend, and you have a recipe for a no call no show Karen. Super sorry to all, don't think I don't love ya!

On a brighter note, I did manage to get my craft room/office set up this weekend...boy do I have a lot of yarn! This is not a bad thing, just so you all know. We went to the Lowes and got a lawnmower and weedwacker Saturday and the to Target to get a vacuum yesterday - super home owner-y fun! And, I discovered this weekend that my handsome fiance looks really cute pushing a lawnmower, lol! More details later, this is kind of a post and run...catch you all on the flip!

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