Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Inside!

This is the view as you come in the front door. The door straight ahead goes to the patio in the back and the fireplace is gas, there is a super nice mantle too. The coat closet is the white door to the left.A better view of the full living room, I love the giant window on the right hand side of the fireplace - it will be so nice for the dogs to look out and bark. You can't see it but there is a ceiling fan hung up off the cathedral ceiling.
Speaking of the cathedral ceiling, don't have any ideas what to put up there, but I have told Chris that whatever it is, it will not be mounted and/or stuffed ; ) This is to the left as you come in the front door, and the hallway goes down to the rest of the house. To the right is a gigantic linen closet and to the left, a good size laundry/mud room and a door out to the garage. The open door you can see goes to the spare bedroom.
This is the view if you are standing right underneath where the last picture was taken. You can't see it that well, but the window above the window with the red curtain goes all the way up to the cathedral ceiling and lets in a lot of natural light. This is where the dining room will be. To start, we are just going to get some bar stools for the little breakfast bar off the counter. The only thing we ever use a dining room table for is to throw all our crap on anyway, so that is an investment that can wait for a while. And how much do you love the red kitchen!!!!!! It almost makes me want to cook. Almost....
The pantry is the door to the right, and the refrigerator will go next to it closer to the windows once we procure one. The sink looks out to the front yard.
And this is a view of the whole living room/dining room/kitchen from the sink. You can't really see it, but next to the pantry (white door on the left here) there is an alcove thingy and a curved ceiling above it that is open to the cathedral ceiling. It is a cute little nook and there is room to put some nice plants up there. Not sure what we will decide to put there, but I like it!
This is the guest bath. Down the hall, to the right as you are on the way to the master bath. There is a sink too, don't be concerned if you come to visit you wont have a sink to use, lol!
This is the closet in the guest bedroom (the open door from the picture before). Apparently the owner's mother has left some of her stuff here - she left her giant honking SUV in the garage too. The real estate agent said she dropped the car off and went to the airport but isn't actually staying there...Um, yeah...not so happy about that.
And this is the view from the door way. I forgot to take a picture of the other bedroom, but it is the same size, except the door is on the left side instead of the right, and the closets are flipped too. The other room is blue, and will be the office/craft room.
This is our master bathroom - double sinks, LOTS of storage space (which is not normal for Boise). The toilet, is to the right, close to the window. There is a medicine cabinet hanging on the wall behind it (kinda weird, but there is a giant mirror that goes over the whole vanity). The tub is immediately to the right. All nice new metal fixtures.
This is a view of the master bedroom - the bathroom is to the right and the walk-in closet is to the left. There are two sets of hanging rods (a high one and a low one) on both sides of the closet, then there is one tall bar that goes the length of the closet. There are also shelves and room for a dresser or two in there. The only thing we will need to put in the bedroom will be the bed and nightstands.
This is the view of the master bedroom from the master bathroom door.

And that's our new house! The inspection went well, no major problems but a few minor repairs do need to be made. Most of it is stuff Chris and I can do ourselves. We are so excited. Now that the inspection is done, we should know when the closing will be - it might be as soon as next week!

On the more good news front, I have THREE interviews tomorrow. Figure I have to get one of them, right? Oh, in case anyone wants to comment, I fixed it so you don't need to register and you don't need to play the "Lets Identify These Random Letters Written In A Bad Font That You Can't Read" game. Just in case anyone wants to leave a comment, or something ; )


Anonymous said...

im commenting!! look at me! i love your house, mostly because it is clean and looks new (like a hotel). i enjoy hotels...
anyhoo. we miss you. seniors do not rock...

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both it looks beautiful! Wishing you many wonderful memories!!! P.J