Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Boise Stinks!!

Well, not really, we both still love it here, but I have some allergies going on that are making me pretty miserable if Chris does say so himself ; )

We have been busy this past week. We went to fireworks for the 4th of July at a park downtown, and while the display itself was pretty nice (they had it set to music, with the exception of one Rascal Flats song, Chris thoroughly enjoyed it too), their "finale" lasted about 15 seconds, and wasn't even really what you would consider a fireworks finale in New York. When we got home our neighbors who share the driveway were setting off their own fireworks in the cul de sac (and our driveway) so at least we got to listen to that until 1am.

Saturday and Sunday, we just kind of lazed around the house. Ursa tried to kill Kendall by digging a giant hole in the yard, chewing through one of our irrigation piped, and then waiting for the hole to fill with water. The little dog is cute but not smart, so its a good thing Chris found the hole when he did. He was pretty mad, but it only ended up costing $4 at Lowe's to get the stuff we needed for a repair.

This week, we have both working and having fun with that, lol. My new job is going great, I am pretty much done with training for now and know how to do almost everything by myself, which is a super nice feeling...AND I got my first paycheck which was a really nice feeling! Chris had kind of a rough week at work - there was a template he was trying to make that wouldn't come out the way they needed it to, and it turns out someone had mislabeled a box and he was trying to make the template out of the wrong material. All I know is his phone rang at various hours of the morning usually reserved for sleeping, and I felt bad for him (he never did have to actually go in to work though, which was good).

The house is great, and we get the new living room furniture this weekend (pictures of house to follow). Speaking of houses, big shout out to Chris' brother Mike and his lovely lady PJ for buying their first house on Monday - wish we could have been there to help you move!

And speaking of happy news, we have decided for a host of reasons that our wedding will be in March of 2009 in Las Vegas, with at least one reception to follow next summer in New York. Now that everyone who needs to know does know and we are sure our families and Matron of Honor and Best Man can go, I feel free announcing it to the world. Obviously we aren't "eloping" in the traditional sense of the word, we are just opting for a smaller wedding at a fun destination. So that is my exciting news for this week - thanks to one of my friends from my former NY job, I have a hot tip about a wedding chapel that has a monkey who faints when you take his picture with flash photography, and I have to go investigate that venue, lol! Have a great day everyone!

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