Monday, December 15, 2008

Drum Roll Please

This Monday morning, unlike sooooo many before (for the last six months anyway), I am in a good mood.

"Why?" you may ask.

Well the answer my friends is because today, I start a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went for the interview last week, had the very comical drug test done Friday morning, and when I got back to the car after that thoroughly hilarious affair, I had a message form the hiring manager on my phone.

Basically, I will be working for the same company that I was at before we left NY, in the same department doing something a zillion times better and getting paid well to do it. I am pretty much going to now be in the same position financially I would be in if we never left New York, AND I will have set hours which means that I can finally start getting my massage practice going out here and it will hopefully help with me not feeling the smurfiest lately. My new boss told me I had to start Monday, and it was the most wonderful feeling calling my boss at my old job and telling her on Friday that it was my last day. Truthfully, I was hoping to get hired at my interview, but they do need to do a background and reference check and a drug test, so this really was the quickest that it could have happened. Whatever, I don't have to go back to that awful place I have called work for so long, so I just don't really care!!

Also on the bright side, Christmas is finished, baked, wrapped, stuffed into five boxes and going to the far reaches of NY and Florida. I think Chris is shipping it all UPS since we figured out last night that is way cheaper (who knew??!). So be on the lookout for Santa's Brown Truck and lots of pictures posted after the holiday of all the goodies that were made, I might even put some tutorials up about how I did some stuff, we'll see.

At any rate, have a delightful Monday, only one more left till Christmas! I am going to go start a new job and put on some makeup since I will need to get my ID badge picture taken. Details tomorrow about how fabulous it all is!!!!

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